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It represents the renewed generation of classic camera consoles which fuses the stable and high carrying capacity mechanical solutions with WiFi technology, and high precision drive. Movement speed and accuracy matches those head units of professional use, and the ability to move continuously around three axis makes it unique.wasp_full

Due to its structure it supports most of the 5-10 kilogram cameras and depending on your order it’s available with 12 – 24 cable connection, which does not impede movement.

More pictures in the „Gallery” section, for technical info click on the icon below:


Engineering and construction process

The customer came to us with a request to design a –not yet existing- medium sized (for 5 – 10 kilogram cameras) 3 axis camera console head unit, which wasp_01 matches professional equipment in terms of performance, however it’s capable of continuous movement around every axis, it can power the camera and is compatible with most cranes.

As a first step we researched the equipment available on the market, studied their descriptions and reviews, then we examined them up close as well. After this we created a number of 3D models based on the drawings made on the discussions with the customer, implementing the data we gathered through our research.

wasp_02We presented these models to our customer, then after consulting about the changes and new needs, we created the prototype’s 3D model.wasp_03

We went through the prototype’s construction process, including material procurement, metalwork, the necessary changes on certain components, and assembling.

Our customer asked us to change the drive before the prototype entered a testable state, therefore we are in a new phase of the project right now.

If you have any further questions about the product, or your unique idea, please contact us in e-mail.